QST Professional

Advances Options

  • Displays futures contract as well as all strikes vertically, with both calls and puts arranged horizontally
  • Two layouts to display calls and puts: side by side or above/below
  • Multi contract support and multiple chains
  • Customizable:
  • Configure futures and options columns
  • Set columns fixed or scrollable
  • Set colors, font size and display properties
  • 5 options calculation models: Black-Scholes, Black '76, Barone-Adesi Whaley, Binomial, Trinomial
  • Display and real-time calculation of "Greeks"
  • Options Calculator based on all 5 models formula allows custom calculation of theoretical value, implied volatility, etc.
  • Full support for options charting, volatility schew
  • Toggle between one click-trading or selection mode
  • Monetary value of calls, puts and straddles
  • Contract Details
  • Print out options pages
  • Enter orders by clicking on last, bid or ask