Quick Order Routing Pre-Trade Risk Control
Low latency, Comprehensive Pre-Trade
Risk Controls, Real-Time Integration
with QST and QBO

QOR is the fastest order routing in the industry with accurate pre-trade risk margin calculations including the working order book

Clients can trade complex options and strategies with the reassurance that they are within their risk parameters, and firms can allow their clients to trade with the confidence that they will not overtrade

Supports the world’s most popular asset classes

Its pre-trade risk controls support multiple asset classes (futures, options, equities, FX and CFDs) and orders for outrights, as well as more complex orders such as short option and strategies. Algorithmic support includes VWAP, TWAP, Timed orders, Iceberg, Synthetic STOPs and more algos via API.

Full SPAN margin checks on real-world portfolios

We have achieved full SPAN margin checks on real-world portfolios with latency as low as 60 microseconds on commodity hardware using our proprietary pre-trade risk solution. 

As a result, our pre-trade risk controls are simpler to configure, lessening the possibilities of human error.

Seamless Integration

The QOR order management system integrates seamlessly with both exchange DMA and 3rd party EMS to provide high-speed order routing to trade global capital markets. QOR includes comprehensive pre-trade risk management, access to front-end trading applications as well as FIX and binary APIs for both order execution and market data.

Try our powerful QST Trading Platform, available on Desktop, Mobile and Web.

QOR is part of the QST solutions suite

QOR integrates seamlessly with our front-end trading platform, quick back office and post-trade risk monitoring systems

QST Client Portal

QOR also offers an optional add-on called The QST Client Portal, which allows your clients to view their account information from any web browser.