Detailed Features


  • Internet-based mobility for anytime/anywhere access;
  • Real-time streaming quotes;
  • Highly reliable and accurate data;
  • The best combination of sophistication, usability, performance, and price.
QST Web Multiple Layout, Multi-window Support In-Browser

Quotes Monitor


  • Create multiple pages;
  • Add/delete tab;
  • Rename Tab option;
  • Align text;
  • Add/remove columns;
  • Symbol search from right-clicking on the contract column;
  • Monitor exchange defined strategies, options contracts, and, of course, futures contracts;
  • Place orders.
QST Web Browser Based Trading Software With Advanced Actions On Quotes Monitor Such As Charts, Options, Depth Of Market, Price Ladder, Trade Ticket At One Click Away

Options Chains

View available options for a certain futures contract.


  • Add/remove columns;
  • Align text;
  • Customize color for Strikes and Net Change;
  • View quote details such as: high, low, bid, ask, open, close, net change, net change%, volume, open interest, previous settlement;
  • Place orders.
QST Web Browser Based Trading Software Displays Futures Contract As Well As All Strikes Vertically With Both Calls And Puts Arranged Horizontally. Multi-Contract Support And Multiple Chains

Order Activity Log

  • Displays all the information about the orders entered during a session;
  • Displays the fills, the new fills, and the canceled orders;
  • Detailed data about the order is displayed, like account, status, side, quantity, contract name, price, lifetime.
QST Web Browser Based Trading Software With Detailed Information On Your Trading Session

Order Entry

Place orders from Charts, Quotes Monitor, Options Chain, and Price Ladder.

QST Web Browser Based Trading Software Offers Efficient Order entry management solutions for seamless transaction processing. Trade Futures, Equities, FX, CFDs, Options.



  • Displays news from different major News Providers;
  • News Headlines are filtered by several default categories;
  • The news color scheme allows you to quickly identify the hot news of the moment.
QST Web Browser Based Trading Software With Real-Time News Include Dow Jones And LaSalle News

Account Information

Shows the balance for the current account.
Real-time account calculations including:

  • Long Option Value;
  • Short Option Value;
  • Start-of-day and Marked-to-market account balance;
  • Start-of-day and Marked-to Market open trade equity;
  • Start-of-day and Marked-to Market total equity;
  • Securities on Deposit;
  • Net Liquidation Value;
  • Excess/funds/Purchasing Power.
QST Web Trading Software Accurate Account Information, Recalculated In Real-time With Each New Tick Or Fill

Block Trades

Filterable streaming list of block-trades listed by different exchanges. All in one place.

QST Web Trading Software Real-Time Block Data With Possibility To Add Alarms

Orders & Positions

  • Shows you all your orders and positions and their status;
  • Apply filters;
  • Sort columns.
QST Web Shows All Your Orders And Positions, Grouped By Net Positions. Advanced Filtering And Sorting Capabilities, Export And Import From Excel. Real-time Profit And Loss Computation On Price Deviation

Price Ladder

  • Displays Depth of Market data for any given instrument;
  • Displays Bid & Ask Size;
  • Ability to place & track orders.
QST Web Trading Software With Price Ladder Offering Optional Display Of Cumulative Bid/Ask Columns

Equity Derivatives

Equity Derivatives module supporting:

  • Callable Bulls;
  • Callable Bears;
  • Derivative Warrants;
  • Structured Warrants;
  • Company Warrants;
  • Daily Leverage Certificates.
QST Web Trading Software With Equity Derivatives Shows All The Derivatives Grouped By Type For A Given Underlying


Advanced HTML5 charts with a wide selection of tools, settings, and programmable indicators.

  • It supports different types of instruments: futures, options, strategies, FX, CFDs and equities;
  • 74 Technical Indicators with programmable parameters;
  • Tick, intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly time resolutions;
  • Area, Candles, Line and Bars Point & Figure chart types.
QST Web Trading Software Perfect Tool To Create Charts On Futures, Options, Strategies, FX, CFDs and Equities

QST Web Tutorials


QST Web Intro


QST Professional Tutorial: Quotes Monitor


QST Professional Tutorial: Placing Orders

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